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Aunt Flo Needs Your Help!

If the values and priorities of our two organizations align well we would love to hear from you.


A partnership could greatly benefit both of us, with more stable support for our work and extremely positive promotions of your brand to our audience and supporters. 


About what we will be doing

Our belief is that every girl should celebrate becoming a young woman and should have all the tools at her disposal to celebrate that entrance into womanhood.  


Periods have been taboo long enough.

Period shaming and period poverty can be reduced by firstly addressing the issue and raising awareness around this universal issue in our communities. Therefore we are creating a box for young girls who are entering into puberty containing items of use during their menstrual cycle, ensuring every girl feels comfortable and confident. Our aim is to collaborate with brownies and girl guides for their period poverty badge, by supplying these.  

We will also be collaborating with Ofsted, schools and councils to create a program about periods that is more modern and up to date syllabus, incorporating mental health and anxiety issues related to periods in schools. 


Collaborate Or Help Us

We welcome any kind of collaborating with new partners and hope you will join us.  

There are four ways in which to partner or help us:  

  1. Become a sponsor for girls living without the means to obtain basic menstrual hygiene products, by pledging a box. Click here to pledge a box now.  

  2. We also welcome samples, in which you will have the opportunity to feature your product or business in our boxes. 

  3. It will also be advantageous for our brand to be featured with or by your brand.  

  4. Signpost us to any organizations/companies that may want to collaborate with us and help us get the word out about period poverty, and period shaming. 

All this will help 50% of the population have better mental health around their bodies and reduce anxiety and stress around having periods. It will also hopefully reduce the 20% absenteeism experienced by young ladies and education. 


Please follow us on social media. Learn more about our mission and the partners who have already joined our cause.  

Thanks for submitting!

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