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Calling for Action: Shape the Future of Menstrual Education in Schools

📢 Calling all parents, teachers, and young ladies! We need your valuable input to shape the future of menstrual education in schools. 🩸

💡 Did you know that there is a significant data gap when it comes to women and girls? Most of the available data is biased towards men, leaving us with limited insights into the unique experiences and needs of females. That's why it's crucial to create more data and collect information specifically focused on girls and women. Your participation in this survey will help bridge this gap and ensure that our education system addresses the needs of young ladies effectively.

🎯 New research is underway to understand how young women and girls feel about starting and experiencing their periods in a school setting. We aim to develop a curriculum that aligns with the 21st century, promotes open conversations about periods, and empowers our young girls to confidently attend school without missing out on their education.

⚠️ Did you know that young girls can miss up to 20% of their school days due to their periods and the fear of ridicule? This statistic is alarming and calls for immediate action. Together, we can change it and create an inclusive and empowering learning environment where no girl has to miss out on her education because of her period.

🌟 Your input matters, and together we can make a difference in education, society, and the lives of our girls. Let's break the silence around periods and create a more understanding and inclusive world. Join us in shaping a brighter future for our young ladies.


Take the survey now and be a part of the change


Your Invited

📝 We invite you to take part in this survey and make a significant impact. By sharing your thoughts and experiences, you'll contribute to normalizing period talk and ensuring that schools are equipped to support young ladies effectively.

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