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Period starter box

Who is this box for? 

This box is for girls who are about to start their periods or have just started. It comes with most things a first-period would need. 


So what is included in this box?


It will have:

4 different types of pads

- 2 x Nighttime pads for teens

- 2 x Pantie liners for teens

- 1 x 4 Pads in a purse pack

- 2 x Normal flow teen pads 


1 x Period Pants - absorbable washable periods pants to help when pads are not needed. Also good for the enviroment


2 x Reusable pads 


1 x Absorbant leak proof bag for storing reusables or normal pads


1 x  hot water bottle for crampy days


1 x Lipbalm for days when your skin is freaking out 


1 x Cupcake socks - for those days that you just want to jump into bed and have a social detox or just stay in bed to get over your period. 


1 x 3 pack of face scrubbies - handmade in the UK 


1 x stress less toy 


1 x 2 pairs of silver friendship bracelets 

Getting Started Box - Essentials

£48.50 Regular Price
£39.00Sale Price

Book and pay now and be the first to receive when our new stock arrives. 

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