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A Guide for Parents and Teenage Girls: Tackling Period Leaks with Confidence

Puberty can be an overwhelming time for young girls, especially when they experience their first period. It's essential for parents to provide their daughters with the necessary knowledge and support to navigate this transformative stage of life. One common concern during menstruation is the fear of leaking.

Especially in the early days when teen girls' periods have not been regulated yet and they can be caught off guard resulting in a leaky period and potential embarrassment. Hence we feel strongly that having some period underwear on hand is handy.

In this blog post, we will explore strategies to prevent leaks. We will also explore how to sleep comfortably during your period. Generally dealing with leaks, choosing the right pads for heavy flow, and the best ways to wear pads. Let's empower young girls to embrace their periods with confidence and ease and help them choose the right period products!

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1. Preventing Period Leaks:

Choose the right pad:

Opt for a high-absorbency pad suitable for heavy flow, like those designed specifically for overnight use. Look for leak-locking channels, a wide back, and adhesive wings to keep the pad securely in place.

Change regularly:

Remember to change your pad every 4-6 hours, or more frequently if needed. Regularly changing your pad will minimize the risk of leaks and maintain hygiene.

Backup protection:

Consider wearing a panty liner in addition to your pad, especially on heavy-flow days. This extra layer of protection can provide additional peace of mind.

2. Sleeping Comfortably:

Overnight pads:

Use overnight pads specifically designed for extended wear during sleep. These pads are typically longer, wider, and more absorbent, providing better coverage and minimizing the chances of leaks.


When placing your pad, ensure it is centred and put towards the back of your underwear. This positioning offers better coverage and reduces the risk of leakage during sleep.

Extra protection:

Consider using mattress protectors or waterproof sheets on your bed to safeguard against any potential leaks during the night.

3. Dealing with Leaks:

Stay calm:

Accidents happen, and it's essential to reassure your daughter that leaking is normal and manageable. Emphasize that it doesn't reflect on her or her abilities.

Carry extra supplies:

Encourage your daughter to keep spare pads or tampons in her bag or locker, ensuring she is prepared for unexpected leaks.

Dark-coloured clothing:

Wearing dark-coloured bottoms during the heaviest days can help conceal any potential leaks and reduce embarrassment.

Embrace Leak-Proof Underwear:

Consider bringing in leak-proof underwear into your menstrual routine for an extra layer of protection against overflow or leaks. These specialised undergarments are designed to absorb and contain the menstrual flow, providing added reassurance throughout the day. They are machine washable and can hold about 2 tablespoons of menstrual blood.

Discover the Benefits of Menstrual Cups:

Explore the benefits of using a menstrual cup as a reliable alternative to tampons or pads. When properly fitted, menstrual cups are known for their leak-proof design, offering long-lasting protection. It's important to note that changing a menstrual cup can be a bit messy, so it's recommended to have access to a toilet equipped with a tap and sink for a convenient and hygienic experience.

4. Choosing the Right Pads for Heavy Flow:

Super absorbency pads:

Look for pads specifically designed for heavy flow days. These pads typically have higher absorbency levels and can offer enhanced leak protection.

Maxi or ultra-thin pads:

Maxi pads provide excellent coverage and absorbency for heavy flow. Ultra-thin pads offer discretion and comfort without compromising on protection.

Trial and error:

Finding the right pad may require some experimentation. Encourage your daughter to try different brands and types until she finds the one that suits her best.

5. Wearing Pads Correctly:

Secure placement:

Ensure the pad is centred in the middle of the underwear and properly adhered using the adhesive wings.

Smooth-out creases:

Smooth out any creases or folds in the pad to maximize surface contact and prevent leaks.

Snug fit:

Make sure your teen's underwear fits well so that it holds the pad securely in place. Consider using snug-fitting underwear or boy shorts instead of loose-fitting underwear.

6. Encouraging Support and Assistance for Leaks at School

In the event of a leak at school, it's important to provide your daughter with guidance and reassurance. If she experiences a leak, encourage her to seek assistance from the school nurse in the infirmary. Most schools are well-prepared for such situations and have resources readily available to help students in need.

Visit the School Nurse:

Advise your daughter to approach the school nurse for assistance if she encounters a leak during school hours. The school nurse is experienced in handling such situations and can provide the necessary support and supplies minimising any extended embarrassment.

Access Spare Uniforms and Underwear:

Many schools keep spare uniforms and underwear in the infirmary specifically for situations like this. Your daughter can borrow these items to change into and ensure her comfort and confidence for the rest of the day.

All UK Schools have a provision from the government for free period products. Generally, these are in the infirmary or with the school nurse. The school nurse can provide your daughter with the necessary pads to manage her flow and avoid any further discomfort or embarrassment. If your daughter does not know where to get these ask the school and inform her.

In conclusion:

Remember, leaks happen to many girls, and it's essential to emphasize that it is a normal occurrence. Encourage open communication with the school staff and assure your daughter that seeking assistance is perfectly acceptable. By doing so, you empower her to handle the situation with confidence and help her focus on her studies without unnecessary stress or worry.

Understanding how to prevent period leaks and sleep comfortably during menstruation is crucial for young teenage girls. By following these tips and adopting the right approach, parents can empower their daughters to feel confident and secure during their menstrual cycle. Remember, leaking is a common occurrence, and handling it with grace and preparedness will help ease any worries or anxieties. With the right knowledge and support, young girls can embrace

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